alex and greg’s wedding was one of those weddings where i got to see a lot of familiar faces. the connection goes pretty deep. i photographed jeannine, greg’s sister, and joe’s wedding a couple of years ago and so it was great to be working with their family again. i’m always delighted to see my couples again and awesomely enough, i got to see jeannine and joe last year at another wedding. along with lots of familiar friends and family, there were also two couples whose weddings i am shooting later this fall in attendance, including joe’s brother’s wedding …which makes for seven sets of siblings in my wedding roster! photographing weddings is hard work when you truly care about the experience and result, so i am ever thankful when families want to work with me again and again. so a big thank you to all the familiar faces, it was great seeing everyone again!

alex and greg chose landmark venue’s beautiful ryland inn for their mid-june wedding. an afternoon outdoor ceremony on a marvelous just-about summer day was their setting.

i loved that alex was willing to decide on her hairstyle the day of her wedding… 

sometimes getting bridal hair to stay and be perfect is a little uncomfortable…

greg’s sisters prepping…

the guys got ready in the ryland inn’s groom cottage…

brothers simultaneously adjusting their bowties…

greg’s best man helping pete, whose wedding i will shoot later this year, get his bowtie right…

… and then there is the serious bow tie adjusting…

alex’s eyes well up while reading a letter from greg…

questioning where the engagement ring goes…

that expression your new sister-in-law has when she sees you in your wedding gown…

while so much attention is on the bride when she walks down the aisle, i love this moment where greg’s parents look back to him to watch his reaction…

the look of love…

love this!

although i think it is safe today that my grooms are cool with their brides stealing the spotlight from them on their wedding day, sometimes i like to put the focus on the groom…

while the color photos of alex and greg are divine, i do love a classic black and white photo…

that look of love again…

greg’s sisters watching the first dance…

love the happy!

alex’s mom watches on as alex’s dad gives a toast…

one of my future brides on the floor. good indication she will be having a fun dance party at her wedding!

i also got to see that brooke and jon are party animals which will make for another fun wedding in the fall…

sibling dancefloor huddle…

beautiful from start to finish. again, my pleasure to work with alex, greg and so many familiar faces. looking forward to seeing many of you again. thanks to kelsey davis for assisting me.

i always connect with a couple that plans their wedding within seven months or less probably because i did the same thing. although some friends of rosemary and ed were a bit anxious about them pulling off a wedding in a short period of time, they were both totally chill about the whole thing… and it all worked beautifully. we shot an engagement session in my hood on a warm new year’s eve day and they had the most amazing weather for their grand cascades lodge wedding at the crystal springs resorts.

rosemary camasta and ed dumala crystal springs wedding

dudes always just be chillin’ eatin’ and drinkin’ during groom preps… grand cascades lodge groom prep grand cascades lodge groom prep ed grand cascades lodge ring bearer grand cascades lodge groom adjusting tie

a ring bearer with a whole lot of personality! grand cascades lodge ring bearer and groomsmen groom reading card wedding rings new jersey wedding grandmother getting hair done grand cascades nj wedding crystal springs bridal prep

love rosemary’s smile! bride reading card bridal hanger sister buttoning up wedding dress

if only weddings were more entertaining… flower girl watching on as bride gets ready wedding bracelet camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding16 bride and groom after first look nj wedding bride and groom portrait grand cascades lodge hamburg new jersey hamburg new jersey wedding crystal springs resorts wedding rosemary and ed portrait golf resort wedding nj grand cascades lodge wedding portrait wedding veil nj

i love how ed can make rosemary light up in laughter… new jersey wedding couple

lots of cutie pies! flower girls

the women looking on were not wedding guests, but they were really into the moment when rosemary walked down the aisle… onlookers at wedding at grand cascades lodge flower girl during ceremony grand cascades wedding ceremony camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding30

ceremonies bore kids. they find other ways to entertain themselves… camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding31 grand cascades lodge new jersey wedding camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding33 camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding34 camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding35

i love a good ‘mom air kiss’… mother of groom air kiss camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding37 nj couple first dance camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding39

polish toast. any toast that involves salt is good in my book. polish toast bride and groom laughing during toasts camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding42 guests dancing at wedding reception crystal springs nj camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding44 wedding guests dancing new jersey

so apparently the flower girl was just waiting for the dancing part of the wedding because she was all bout it! flower girl spinning dress on dance floor grand cascades lodge new jersey wedding grand cascades lodge new jersey wedding camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding48

photobomb! mother of the bride photobombing during reception

weddings aren’t so boring anymore… camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding50

anonymous worm… guest doing the worm at grand cascades lodge new jersey wedding bride dancing during new jersey wedding reception

cutie pie in the window… camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding53 camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding54 camasta dumala grand cascades lodge wedding55 bride and groom dancing at reception

sunset? hah.  grand cascades lodge sunset wedding

it was my pleasure to work with rosemary, ed and their friends and family. they proved big weddings can come together beautifully in short periods of time. thanks to kelsey davis for assisting me.

while it’s usually the bride who has done mass amounts of googling to find a wedding photographer, it was julie’s dad who stumbled upon me. his interest in photography led him to me and i’m always very flattered when someone who is really into photography likes my work. when i meet with clients it’s usually just the bride and groom…sometimes just the bride or maybe a mom, but i loved that i got to meet with julie, brian and her mom and dad.  i knew their stone house wedding was going to be a lovely day with lovely people… and i was right!

bride groom stone house wedding

let the tie tying begin… groom tying tie in mirror julie brian stone house nj wedding03

first attempt… first attempt at tying tie brian mcglade looking in mirror tying tie groomsmen tying ties groom portrait wedding rings bride bridesmaid surprised face

i love how julie quietly put on her shoes amidst the chaos of getting the dress ready for her…. bride putting on shoes wedding gown

the struggle is real… the struggle is real bridesmaids watching bride get zipped up julie smith bridal portrait

another emotional first look… first look at stone house at stirling ridge

after their first look, brian got his first slap. ok, i’m lying. julie was taken aback by the fact that brian was also tearing up… first look at stone house at stirling ridge first look at stone house at stirling ridge landmark venues first look at stone house at stirling ridge stone house stirling ridge wedding stone house wedding stone house stirling ridge wedding new jersey

hope julie doesn’t kill me for posting this pic, but i loved that she wasn’t afraid to be a little silly… bride making funny face

fun with fire…  bride and groom kissing at fire pit landmark venues new jersey

which got even more fun when julie let me set her hair on fire… bride groom fire pit kiss landmark venues wedding

love this… julie smith and brian mcglade wedding stone house nj wedding stone house new jersey wedding

tip #428 for a happy marriage: never hesitate to stop and adjust your wife’s shoes for her…
groom fixing bride landmark venue wedding stone house at stirling ridge new jersey wedding groomsmen showing socks

brian watches as julie walks down the aisle… brian watching his bride walk down the aisle stone house

love julie’s expression…. julie walks down aisle with dad at stone house nj julie brian stone house nj wedding36 julie brian stone house nj wedding37 groom looking at bride during wedding ceremony julie brian stone house nj wedding39 bride looking at groom during wedding ceremony landmark venues stone house wedding ceremony julie brian stone house nj wedding42 ring exchange nj wedding dad watches ceremony

julie and brian have been together a long time so this moment was a long time coming! wedding kiss first dance stone house nj julie brian stone house nj wedding47 bride and dad dance stone house stirling ridge mom watches dad and daughter dance landmark venues groom dancing with mother

hah! reaction to toast new jersey wedding julie brian stone house nj wedding52 julie brian stone house nj wedding53 bride dancing at reception wedding reception stone house nj

a sneak peek into the photo booth…. photo booth wedding

you know you’ve been in the wedding industry a long time when you are randomly bumping into past couples at weddings. i don’t think julie and brian had any idea that i shot katie and michael’s wedding back in 2012… julie brian stone house nj wedding57 landmark venues wedding reception new jersey wedding photography

a wedding theme… shoes off! julie brian stone house nj wedding60 nj wedding new jersey wedding bride and groom dancing at wedding reception stone house stirling ridgei’m so happy that julie’s dad stumbled upon my work. working with julie, brian and their friends and family at landmark hospitality’s stone house at stirling ridge was my pleasure. a perfectly timed day, weather that held out and a lot of love to celebrate! thanks to kelsey davis for assisting me.

sometimes i decide i’m going to leave one of the classic summer holiday weekends free for myself, but when rachel and andrew wrote me about their memorial day weekend wedding,  i decided to entertain the inquiry and i am very glad i did. rachel and andrew, and their family and friends, were an absolute pleasure to work with from start to finish. for their engagement session, rachel and andrew came out to my hood and for their wedding i headed up to the estate at florentine gardens in northern new jersey.  while the temperatures dramatically warmed up just before their wedding day, the rain held out… it was meant to be!

love this! rachel and andrew florentine gardens wedding groom prep estate at florentine gardens groom prep

i like how i worked both dad’s into this shot… wedding rings nj

rachel gets emotional as her look is just about complete… bride getting emotional bride getting emotional sister helping bride with earrings

sisters… sisters talking to bride

rachel tears up reading a card from andrew… bride crying while reading card from groom bridal portrait back of dress

so pretty… portrait of rachel cohen as bride

rachel composes herself just before her first look with andrew… bride composing herself for first look at florentine gardens rachel cohen and andrew lee estate at florentine gardens wedding bride and groom estate at florentine gardens new jersey wedding

simple and straightforward, love it. rachel cohen and andrew lee wedding rachel cohen and andrew lee new jersey wedding couples at florentine gardens rachel cohen and andrew lee estate at florentine gardens wedding estate at florentine gardens wedding new jersey

hah. groomsen making funny faces estate at florentine gardens

i love ketubah signings because they are usually a bit more casual then ceremonies. i had a lot of favorite photos from this ketubah signing, lots of smiles, but i think this one sums it up the best! ketubah signing new jersey wedding

groomsmen fist bumps groom at ceremony bride approaching aisle outdoor wedding florentine gardens

andrew watches on as rachel approaches… groom watching bride walk down aisle nj wedding

andrew circling his bride… bride circling groom seven times bride wipes tear during ceremony nj wedding

i love that the parents stand up together with the bride and groom during a jewish ceremony… bride and groom look at cantor nj wedding bridesmaids watch ceremony bride puts ring on groom

mazel tov! groom steps on glass end of ceremony mazel tov florentine gardens rachel and andrew first dance new jersey wedding horah

love this! groom surprised face being raised in char florentine gardens bride and groom hora florentine gardens nj crowded dance floor at estate at florentine gardens wedding

‘it’s a bagel!’ michelle arlotta photography laughter during best man toast parents dances florentine gardens

it didn’t take the napkin on his head for me to figure out that rachel’s dad is a fun guy… father of bride and sister of bride wearing napkins on their heads new jersey wedding dancing at reception at florentine gardens new jersey wedding rachel cohen and andrew lee nj wedding michelle arlotta photography florentine gardens wedding livin michelle arlotta nj wedding photographer

although temps heated up and the threat of rain was upon us… rachel and andrew’s wedding day turned out to be perfect! thank you to kelsey davis for assisting me.

  • June 20, 2016 - 5:59 pm

    Rachel - Absolutely beautiful work as always Michelle! These pictures took us back to our wedding day and we cannot thank you enough for that. As you said, the day was perfect 🙂ReplyCancel

when i met sandy and joe, it was evident that they both have big hearts and an amazing connection with one another. i loved their enthusiasm for their day, it lacked the neuroticism i run far away from in this industry, hah, and was truly about having a wonderful time together with friends and family. their wedding took place at the fantastic rock island lake club in sparta, nj where the day presented us with the threat of rain. while we weren’t able to stay outside for very long, the misty rain created a pretty awesome backdrop that i’ve never seen before while shooting at the rock island lake club. a fantastic day all around with lots of love and emotion!

rock island lake club wedding photoi love when a person smiles and their entire face lights up. joe’s dad has one of those smiles… father of the groom helping groom get ready groom adjusting tie

i love the solitude of joe working on his bowtie juxtaposed with the camaraderie of the guys doing their thing… groom adjusting tie in mirror ring bearers

groom adjusting suit

while reading his card from sandy, joe took a moment to look outside to compose his emotions. so sweet.  groom tearing up reading bride

sandy looking beautiful already! bride getting ready

engagement ring with veil as backdrop

love this moment when it all hits sandy! bride reacts to seeing herself in full length mirror

bridesmaid fixing bride dress in bridal suite at rock island lake club

too many fave portraits to pick from of sandy, her hair looked so phenomenal that it just made the black and white shot for me.  rock island lake club bridal portrait

first look… first look

there was a lot of intensity in this moment. joe was so moved at seeing his bride, i had to wipe my own tear away… first look rock island lake club

fantastic misty backdrop at the rock island lake club… rock island lake club misty wedding day

is it me or does sandy look like a prettier tori spelling here (no offense, tori!)? groom kissing bride on forehead

love when the wind takes ahold of the veil… veil moving in the wind sparta new jersey wedding

bride and groom umbrella

a couple shots inside to warm up and get out of the rain… bride and groom

as if i timed everyone up, a few people interrupt our photo and create a perfect triangle around the couple… rock island lake club wedding sandy rhein and joe cardoso wedding michelle arlotta photography bride and groom

joe watches his bride come down the aisle… groom watching bride walk down the aisle father kissing bride at aisle flower girls watching wedding ceremony groom looking into bride

ring security… ring security sparta wedding ceremony

i always love laughter during a ceremony… bride laughing during wedding ceremony rock island lake club end of wedding ceremony

let the party begin! bride and groom enter reception rock island parent dances rock island lake club bride and groom during toast at rock island lake club

there’s that smile again… father of the groom

aw… bridesmaid and teenage son dancing

 i love when a couple really gets out and enjoys themselves on the dance floor….. bride and groom dancing rock island lake club

i know this shot is kinda straightforward, but i just thought these two radiated happiness so i wanted to radiate that happiness out to the interweb… wedding guest dancing

‘i got a man.’

‘what’s your man got to do with me?’ i got a man

‘i’m not tryin’ to hear that see’

(see what i did there?)

bride and dad dancing flower girl dancing rock island lake club portuguese wedding dance

always have room for cute dancing grandmas on my blog! groom and grandma dancing mother of bride and grandmother

rock island lake club wedding

it was a pleasure to work with sandy and joe from the very start. a beautiful day with with awesome friends and family. capturing their amazing connection was my honor. thank you to kelsey davis for assisting me.