allison & david & wrigley | hoboken, nj

in the weeks leading up to allison and david’s engagement session, allison had mentioned she was stressing herself out a bit about the pictures because she was feeling nervous about them. i assured her this was a very typical reaction.  i have a lot of clients that feel uneasy about pictures for different reasons. most people are not used to being in front of the camera and so it’s totally normal to feel apprehensive about a shoot. i assured allison that if she couldn’t identify the people on my blog that were nervous, then she had no reason to worry… and i think you can tell from the pics, she had no reason to worry.

love this!

allison and david’s dog, wrigley. ridiculously cute. i might be a little obsessed with him.

beautiful nyc skyline. wrigley is so small, but he is in this pic!

the cuteness!



ok, ok… now some pics without wrigley.

allison and david met while studying abroad in rome. how fun is that?

come on… did you really think i wasn’t going to post any more pics of this cutie?

a lovely afternoon with allison, david and wrigley and a yummy dinner together (thank you, again)! looking forward to their wedding next fall!

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