you can’t make this s*@# up… the things people write me


“oh s*@#! unbelieveable!!! amazing shots!!! no words right now, i just keep looking at them over and over!!! you got my pops hip hop dancing! thank you, thank you, thank you!!!”

“well, if there’s someone out there who doesn’t know how much heart and soul you put into your work, michelle: SEND ‘EM TO ME. i’ll tell ’em how you effing layed on the uneven, frozen october cobblestones of manhattan to get the shot.

nuff said.”

“you CANNOT get married without michelle there” (mother of groom to her daughter- now my former bride)

“you were worth every penny.”

“once again, you have us utterly speachless with your ability to capture such emotion and beauty in your photographs. your talent is unparalleled. we were so lucky to have found such an amazing photographer and person 6 years ago! we always enjoy our time with you and were so happy to meet your own little beauty, arlo. i can’t tell you how many people have contacted me or asked me about the pictures since posting. you are pretty famous in my school.  thank you for being so awesome!”

“i’m not sure if we even need an album after this blog, but seeing the pictures makes me want to have every one of those printed and on our walls.”

“wedding photos bore the crap out of me and i found myself mesmerized. truly. your work is utterly astounding. i’m floored. the photos are stunning. truly. yeah. i don’t do the girl stuff. this… really got my attention. utterly unique. i never bookmark stuff. like really. i’m an IT person, been on computers before the internet. i have about four bookmarks. this makes five”

“i wish i was rich so i could hire you to document every important moment in my life.”

“thank you for being awesome! not only are you an awesome photographer who takes awesome pictures, but you’re an awesome person and we were so happy to share our awesome day with you!! the photos made us laugh, cry and then laugh again. we’ve had nothing but compliments from our guests about our ‘ninja photographer’ and all the fabulous photos. thank you for the beautiful proof box and the adorable usb of images. all the care and personal touches are amazing. thank you for capturing our wedding!  ps thank you for crawling around in that dirty train car too :o) ”

“wow…. i am sitting here with tears in my eyes. thank you.”

“i traveled quite a bit to meet michelle and the trip was worth it. her unique style of photography was just what we were looking for. she was amazing the day of our wedding. she had a tough job with two brides but she was everything we could have hoped for. she is very calming and makes you feel at ease. her heart-to-heart with my dad made me cry and proved just how much heart and soul goes into what she does. she is not just taking pictures, she is creating a story. we loved her!!”

“i hate weddings, but as always, i am a squealing fangirl when it comes to michelle’s work”

“allow me a moment to gush about michelle arlotta. she is all of these things: a truly unique talent, a seasoned pro, a take-no-prisoners trooper (who photographed our nyc wedding in frigid 60 mph wind gusts, all while suffering from a terrible cold), a calming voice of reason and experience, a creative burst of light.”

one thing is perfectly clear: this woman gives her heart, her soul to her art. and what she captures on film is nothing short of extraordinary.”

“she blends into the background, but still manages to get the most amazing shots. not sure how she does it – probably magic.”

“i’d be in love with these images even if the shooter wasn’t my sister. hot damn beautiful.”

“nice work, that’s some serious art.  you capture and present an essence of the event that’s more pure than the couples and guests likely experience.  transcending “documentation”,  you retell the story how the couples want to remember it – dreamlike bliss.”

“damn, michelle crushes this s#*t!!!”

“shelly, for 2012 your resolution should be to try and take a s*#tty picture. if you need help maybe you can borrow my camera and a half a bottle of scotch. the other half is spoken for”

“wow wow wow wow!!! these are amazing. i didn’t cry at all on the wedding day, but going through the pictures i’m tearing up every 3 seconds”

“she is beyond amazing and quite possibly one of the coolest people i’ve met annnnd she’s an animal lover to boot!”

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