keri & matt | rock island lake club

i have a sweet spot in my heart for couples that are willing to get married around the swing time between true winter and true spring… probably because i did the same thing myself. it takes some guts to choose this time since it can mean a major snowstorm or eighty degree weather. when i first spoke with keri and matt they were so chill, i knew they’d be able to handle whatever weather came their way on their early april wedding day. they’d been together a long time, originally meeting in high school, and i’m sure had weathered many storms together… see what i did there? it turned out that keri and matt’s wedding day was much like mine… a lot of clouds with the sun peeking out every once in awhile, a bit of wind and a temperature that seemed not so bad at first, but was quite cold after awhile. i don’t have a word for that kind of weather. i just call it ‘my wedding day weather’.

keri and matt had their ceremony an reception at the rock island lake club bridemaids rock island lake club

the wedding dress just chilling among the chaos of the bride’s arrival… wedding dress hanging in window

bride getting ready

a moment for the badgley mischkas… bride putting on shoes

love this shot… totally candid and slightly sexy… bride putting on shoes

i love the two expressions here, keri’s mom watching on as keri gets ready for some bridal portraits and keri’s maid-of-honor looking on at keri’s mom… mother of bride bride getting ready

although i love a beautiful shot of the back of the dress, i truly love the candid shots that happen before it… bride getting ready at rock island lake club bride

love, love, love this neckline… bridal portrait at rock island lake club

matt’s expression right before he saw keri for the first time on their wedding day was a mix of excitement and nerves… first look on dock at rock island lake club

the bridal party was all smiles! bridal party watching first look

love the laughter… bride and groom laughing

bride and groom at rock island lake club new jersey bride and groom on dock at rock island lake club

love the quiet moments… bride and groom veil bride and groom walking on dock at rock island lake club bride and groom walking keri and matt walking

it’s really great when the sun works with you on a wedding day. for what wasn’t even a whole minute, clouds parted a bit to reveal beautiful blue skies and sun peeked out to present this unreal light… bride and groom blue skies bride and groom blue skies at rock island lake club

family photo photobomb… family photo bomb

a bit too chilly for an outside ceremony, keri and matt had a heartfelt ceremony inside the rock island lake club… wedding ceremony bridesmaids watching ceremony

tie inspection… father of the groom and ring bearer looking at ties groom during ceremony guest crying at wedding

keri’s eyes welling up… bride tears wedding ceremony maid of honor watching ceremony rock island lake club reader during ceremony bride groom laughing during ceremony at rock island lake club mother of the bride watching ceremony

she laughed… she cried… bride laughing and crying during ceremony

uncle kurt kicked some serious ceremony butt… uncle kurt officiating matt and keri

love this moment. usually when the officiant doesn’t move out of the way for the kiss they end up as this creeper in the background peering between the two, but uncle kurt did not just stand there quietly, he put some oompf into the whole ‘kiss the bride’ moment… bride and groom kiss groom and bride first dance

lifelong friends… maid of honor speech

bride crying during maid of honor speech bride and groom laughing during best man toast

party time! i don’t think keri missed a song! rock island lake club reception rock island lake club dancing bride spinning on dance floor at rock island lake club rock island lake club reception dancing matt on the mic… rock island lake club groom has the microphone

little known secret: if the dj thinks your voice is good, he will actually turn the mic volume up so people can hear you. if not, no one will hear you, but you will look cool. in this case, the mic was on!

if this bridesmaid dress designer had some good marketing skills, they’d be selling this dress as a multipurpose bridesmaid dress/limbo stick… guest using bridesmaid dress for limbo at rock island lake club wedding last dance at rock island lake club

while i knew keri and matt had met in high school,  i really enjoyed uncle kurt’s more detailed story of how they came to be. it really set the tone for a great wedding. thanks to keri, matt and all of their friends and family so being so awesome to work with at their rock island lake club spring wedding. thanks to kelsey davis for assisting me.

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