one year wed

one year wed and my heart is content.

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i have lived my life intensely and i love my husband intensely, but to be able to say my heart is content is a big deal. there were points in my life when i wasn’t sure i really believed in marriage and yet my life has revolved around the wedding industry for 10 years. over the years, as i built my business, i’ve been able to work with amazing couples who have wonderful chemistry and a certain care that you only see between people who love each other unconditionally. as cheesy as it may sound, being around this kind of love and capturing it for all to see helped me believe in the idea of marriage and raise my standard for what love should look like. my couples may not realize this, but it is very true. they’ve all had an impact on my own views on marriage and love- a side effect of my job i never saw coming. my couples also know that i’m no bullshit and so when i say over and over again how lucky i am to work with such amazing people, it’s no lie, but i realize, i’ve never let on that a part of that has been the inspiration they have been to me.

when i met my husband, i just knew that i would be with him forever. i knew it was not possible for what i felt for him to exist without him feeling the same exact way. a love that came so naturally, it was never doubted by either of us. i feel so grateful to have found this kind of love. to never have to doubt his feelings for me or mine for him, to have complete and full trust in one another, to have his undying support in all that i do and to know that i am not going at this alone is an absolutely amazing feeling that has my heart so content.

despite the ups and downs of the last year… the stresses of running a business and wanting to provide for my family, long work days apart from one another, a painful miscarriage, major renovations that turned our daily lives upside down, tired and cranky days… there is not one single day, not one single moment that i was not grateful to have my husband by my side.

life isn’t always easy and lots of things can get thrown at us that challenge us and wear us out, but i wouldn’t trade a minute of this last year because despite everything that came our way that wasn’t so awesome, being married to my husband has made my heart so content in a way it has never been…in a way that i didn’t even think was possible… and in a way that feels amazing.  our daughter is going to be one lucky girl to have such an amazing father, and although it’ll be a couple months before we get to meet her, i just know her heart is already filled with content.

  • April 7, 2015 - 8:38 pm

    Laura - OMG!! First of all Happy Anniversary! Second, OMG you’re pregnant!! That is so exciting, Oh that baby is going to have the BEST photo album EVER!!
    I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!! xoxo Laura
    I just wanna happy dance with you right now, but don’t want you to go into early labor 😉ReplyCancel

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